NASA’s FameLab Returns to Phoenix Comicon, Saturday, May 30, 2015, Phoenix Convention Center

famelab_phxccNASA’s FameLab USA returns to Phoenix Comicon Saturday, May 30, 2015, 6PM at the Phoenix Convention Center, N232. Phoenix Comicon, a ticketed celebration of popular culture with upwards of 80,000 attendees, features FameLab as part of their extensive science programming for attendees.

FameLab at Phoenix Comicon will be the Western regional US heat for early career scientists from numerous disciplines to compete to convey their research or related science concepts. It’s a sort of “American Idol” for scientists. Each contestant has three minutes, no slides, no charts, just the power of words and a prop to convey how the contestant’s science can reshape the face of science exploration and discovery. A panel of experts in both science and science communication conduct the judging.

Winners from the FameLab Exploring Earth and Beyond regional competitions will face off in April, 2016 for a grand prize and the chance to compete with peers from around the world at the FameLab International Final in the UK in June, 2016.

The mission of FameLab is to improve science communication skills. Each preliminary event hosts workshops with training in the principles and practices of good communication.

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